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Locus works with municipalities, community-embedded organizations, and businesses with shared visions for the future, nurturing existing partnerships and building new ones across multiple sectors. We use our place-based investment principles to focus our activity in our service areas, with a steadfast commitment to increasing equitable access to capital and resources.

You know your community best, and we’re ready to listen. We want to know what projects would best support a prosperous future – and what obstacles are in the way. With our vast community development network and a deep understanding of community ecosystems, we can help you bring together catalytic partners and capital.

Locus offers a range of consulting services tailored to find answers to your most pressing challenges, including education, strategic guidance, and capacity-building.

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The Capital Region Small Business Development Center

Resources for Virginia
Small Businesses

Are you one of the 41,698 small businesses in the Capital Region of Virginia? Wherever you are in your business journey, we’re here to help. Hosted by Locus, the Capital Region Small Business Development Center can help you start or grow your business with expert advice and free resources. Together, we can empower and strengthen small business communities throughout the Richmond Region.

Learn about the Capital Region SBDC