Our Solutions

Lo·cus: noun;
a particular position, point,
or place

We’re defined by our commitment to place.

Our Approach

What Place-Based Means to Us

We believe we must understand the unique challenges of every community we work with to find a solution that meets their unique needs. Too often, community development organizations attempt to “fix” a place without the partnerships or time spent to fully grasp the opportunities and assets that exist.

The fact is that communities know best what they need but often lack the necessary resources to drive impactful change.

We believe working as a unified community development organization puts us in a unique position to go deep in partnership with communities to help them achieve the long-term, equitable prosperity they envision.

Our process starts with finding like-minded partners in a place. We want to talk to the organizations who already understand community strengths, needs, and visions. Once we know who the changemakers are, we listen. As our potential role in realizing those visions takes shape, we offer our unique expertise, products, and services as tools to make real impact possible.

Consulting & Innovation

It Takes More than Capital

Prioritizing relationships with community partners and stakeholders is key to gaining a full understanding of their needs and delivering impactful results. That means our Community Solutions team starts with a discovery process; we lead with a conversation and let community visions guide our next steps.

In addition to our consultative work on the ground, our Impact Investment Services team partners with embedded, mission-driven community organizations to design and manage place-based funds that increase access to capital and resources.

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